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As a urologist for 25 years who has treated thousands of male patients, I have an acute understanding of the role the size of a man’s manhood plays in his self-confidence. I’m well aware of the lengths that men will go to increase the size of their manhood and have met with dozens of men looking for resolutions to reverse the negative results they’ve received from risky penile enhancement surgeries or temporary fillers gone wrong.

Until the P-Long Study was conducted, there was no clinically supported option proven to increase both the length and girth of a man’s penis. Unknowingly, thousands of men across the country invested tens of thousands of dollars for treatments they believed would work, which ultimately created more negative results than positive ones.

These options include:

Here are the drawbacks of these options...

Suspensory Ligament Division
This disastrous surgery changes the angle of your manhood, which results in the development of scar tissue that shrinks your manhood.
Penuma® Surgical Implant

Although this seemed promising at first, dozens of men have had their permanent implants removed due to infection, pain, or dissatisfaction, which reduces length.

Cosmetic Dermal Fillers

These temporary fillers are expensive, don’t increase length, and results only last between 1-2 years. Resulting in a lumpy, bumpy manhood.

We had to do better!

For the past two years, I have been trying to solve a problem that has frustrated men for thousands of years…

“How to safely increase the length, girth, and function of a healthy man’s penis.”

To address this desire, I created the P-Long Study:

The P-Long Study is an institutional review board-approved study listed by the NIH at and accepted for oral presentation by the International Society of Sexual Medicine and the Sexual Medicine Society of North America.

P-Long Study

The study consisted of 32 healthy men who utilized a combination therapy developed Dr. Judson Brandeis.

AFFIRM Nitric Oxide Booster

AFFIRM nitric oxide boosting supplements optimize the blood circulation to promote increased performance and vitality.

Traction Device

The RestoreX Penile Traction Therapy Device is used to safely and effectively increase the length of your manhood.

Dr Joel Kaplan Vacuum Device

A Dr. Joel Kaplan vacuum enhancement device is incorporated to maximize blood flow and capacity to promote girth.

Platelet-Rich Plasma

Platelet-rich plasma is injected to stimulate the growth of new tissues and rejuvenates your manhood from the inside out.

Backed by clinical research


of men in the study improved the length of their manhood by an average of almost 1″ and girth by half a 1″.


of P-Long Study participants experienced negative side-effects or complications after receiving treatment.


P-Long patients have expressed a significant increase in their overall erectile function after treatment completion.

Your manhood is in good hands

Because the P-Long® Protocol is a natural combination therapy, there are no associated risks of scar tissue or infection. 
Just real results!

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Totally Safe

P-Long patients can enjoy natural and risk-free results without the danger of infection.

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Increased Length

Add an average of a full inch in natural length that lasts forever without surgery or harmful side effects.

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Increased Girth

Naturally expand the girth of your manhood by an average of half an inch and avoid temporary fillers. 

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Better Functionality

In addition to making you longer and wider, P-Long® may also boost your overall functionality.

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