The P-Long Study

The P-Long Protocol is backed by clinical data under the P-Long Study; the institutional review board-approved study listed by and presented at the international society of sexual medicine.

The study consisted of 32 healthy men who followed a combination therapy I created, which utilizes: 

  • Dr. Joel Kaplan’s Vacuum Device
  • The RestoreX Traction Device 
  • AFFIRM Nitric Oxide Boosting Supplements
  • Platelet Rich Plasma
Peer Reviewed Research Paper
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The P-Long Study Explained
P-Long Study Abstract Revealed

Clinical studies that reveal why men should not consider cosmetic fillers, enhancement surgery & implants

These are peer-reviewed medical studies performed by The National Library of Medicine & The Journal Of Urology
Increasing Penile Length and Girth in Healthy Men Using a Novel Protocol: The P-Long Study
P-Long Study
Complications Of The Penuma Penile Implant
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Penile Girth Injection Complications
Penile Injection With Silicone: Case Report
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Gel Injection Complications For Girth
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A Critical Analysis Of Penile Enhancement Procedures For Patients
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Complications Of Penile Augmentation With Hyaluronic Acid Injection
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The Complications Of Genital Enlargement Surgery For Penile Length & Girth
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Penile Girth Augmentation By Injectable Fillers: Inflammatory Complications
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