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Basem Koudsi, MD, FECSM

Koudsi Clinic

Koudsi Clinic is a global alliance of the European Society of Sexual Medicine and Sexual medicine Society of North America sharing research information and treatment methods for male sexual dysfunction. Koudsi Clinic is an independent physicians’ practice dedicated to treating Erectile Dysfunction and premature Ejaculation among other male sexual dysfunctions.

Dr. Koudsi is both a researcher and a clinician specialized in Sexual Medicine. After receiving his medical degree and medical training, he started his research path at University of Southern California where he became the Director of Microsurgery Training Program. He moved to Washington University School of Medicine the fifth best university in the US, Barnes Hospital which is the second best hospital in the US, in St. Louis, MO. where he became the Director of Microsurgery Research & Director of Microsurgery Training Program and continue his research interest in microsurgery and stem cell, Dr. Koudsi was on CNN.  Los Angeles time, New York Time and Wall Street Journal wrote an article on their scientific achievement which was published in JAMA (Tissue Transformation into Bone in Vivo)Dr. Koudsi collaborated with Monsanto, Searle and Chiron on his discovery in ischemia reperfusion injury using Tissue Factor Pathway Inhibitor TFPI in limiting and preventing ischemia reperfusion injury. He held various collaborations with world known companies Like Amgen and Neocrin Company, he held the Medical Director position for Boston Medical Group-Bahrain in the GCC.

Dr. Koudsi is currently the Medical Director at Koudsi Clinic in Bahrain and working in Qatar on establishing a men’s Health Center, specialized in treating male sexual dysfunction in the Gulf . If you are suffering from the inability to develop or maintain an erection of the penis sufficient for satisfactory sexual performance, the KOUDSI Clinic is here to help. We offer a complete and professional service and range of treatments for those suffering from erectile dysfunction, with appointments available at our clinic in Manama, Bahrain.

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