Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! 100% of the men in the P-Long Study gained an average of one full inch in length. 

Yes. Men in the P-Long Study naturally expanded the girth of their manhood by an average of half an inch
and avoided temporary fillers.

We do not know.  The Protocol was designed for healthy men with normal  function. Men with ED usually do not generate the  blood pressure to maximally stretch their manhood.

We recommend you do! The RestoreX traction device has been shown to be superior to other traction devices in comparison studies.  The Dr. Joel Kaplan pump has an accurate pressure gauge and multiple sized cylinders that grow with the user.  AFFIRM is the only Nitric Oxide boosting supplement with optimal concentrations of Citrulline and Nitrates.  

Probably not. The growth factors from 1.5 billion platelets injection into your manhood once a month for six months will accelerate the changes seen with the traction and suction devices. Our best guess is that it doubles or triples the effectiveness of the protocol. Besides, if the PRP injection is done properly, it should be minimally uncomfortable.

For length, after six months men grew as much as 1.5 inches and as little as 0.5 inches and as much as 0.75 inches and as little as 0.25 inches in girth.

Since all men in the P-Long Study by definition had normal erectile function, we could not objectively test for an improvement.  Instead we asked our subjects whether their erections were the same, better, much better, worse or much worse. Without exception, our subjects claimed that their erections were better.

Absolutely! There was a linear growth curve in our P-Long study. My expectation (although I currently do not have the data) is that men will continue to grow a long as they continue to get PRP injections, pump, stretch and take AFFIRM.

I believe that as long as a man is having rigid night time erections, his erectile length and girth will maintain. It’s recommended that men  continue to take AFFIRM after completing the P-Long protocol.  Studies show that boosting Nitric Oxide naturally improves erectile health and that there are other significant health benefits including improved athletic performance, cognition, blood pressure and immune system function.  And there are no known negative side effects.  

We did not test the protocol on men with PD.  However, based on previous studies with the equipment that we use, it is possible that there will be some benefit.

None at this time. Traction and suction, if performed according to the instructions provided are safe. PRP is a re-injection of your own platelets that have been processed outside of your body for about 15 minutes.  There are no reported significant side effects.

P-Long is available worldwide and we’re constantly updating our P-Long Directory listing so men can search their communities for local providers. If you’re doctor is not currently offering P-Long, we recommend that you ask them about it as most physicians opt-in to provide treatment.

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