Hacking Your Way To Better Sexual Health For Gay Men

Whether it is better sexual health – rock hard erections, stamina, or screwing like a porn star – most gay men want great sex but do they do what they need to do for better sexual health. The answer is “NO!” Here to guide towards better habits and practices, is Dr. Judson Brandeis, Top Urologist in the SF Bay Area, and ally to the LGBTQ community, with ways to improve your health, sex life and even the length and girth of your penis.

As a gay man, it’s important to prioritize your sexual health and make informed decisions about your sexual behaviors. This episode is a great resource for gaining the knowledge and tools you need to do so. Plus, the discussion is engaging, informative, and even a little bit funny.

Don’t miss out on this valuable and entertaining resource. Give the “Hacking Your Way to Better Sexual Health for Gay Men” episode a listen on Apple Podcasts or your preferred podcast platform. Your sexual health will thank you.

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