How To Increase Your Penis Size Through Natural Means

A lot of men are interested in increasing their penis size for a variety of reasons.

Some want to feel more confident in their sexual encounters, while others want to please their partner more. There are a few ways to increase your penis size, but not all are created equal. In this blog post, we’ll go over four ways to improve your penis size. 

1. Lose Weight
If you’re carrying extra weight, then chances are your penis is being obscured by all that excess body fat. Losing Weight will make you look and feel better and allow your penis to reach its full potential size. One study showed that men who were obese saw an increase in penis size of up to 1.5 inches after losing Weight. So if you’re serious about increasing your penis size, start shedding any excess weight.

2. Exercise Your Pelvic Floor Muscles
Your pelvic floor muscles support your bladder and help control bowel movements. They also play a role in sexual function, including orgasm and ejaculation. While most people think of kegel exercises as something that women do to improve their sexual health, they can be beneficial for men as well. One study showed that men who did kegel exercises saw an increase in both the length and girth of their penis. Not too shabby!

3. Take Supplements
Specific vitamins and minerals are essential for healthy sexual function. AFFIRM utilizes “pharmaceutical grade” ingredients,
L-Citrulline, Red Beet Extract, Asian Ginseng and Muira Puama to improve blood flow resulting in better firmness and increased stamina.AFFIRM is a daily, circulation-boosting supplement that supports a man’s bedroom performance and health. 

4: The P-Long Protocol
P-Long® was created so that men could increase the size and function of their manhood without expensive surgeries, which often result in dangerous side effects and unwanted results. The P-Long® Protocol results are supported by clinical data from the P-Long Study, an Institutional Review Board-approved study listed by and presented at the International Society of Sexual Medicine.

With P-Long, men can gain an average of one whole inch in length and half-inch in girth and improve their existing performance. To learn more about the P-Long Protocol, we recommend you download the P-Long digital guide on our homepage


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