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Unlock the full potential of your manhood with the P-Long Protocol, the first and only clinically proven method to increase both length and girth naturally, without surgery or fillers. 

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Buy Starter Kit Products Below

The total cost of the P-Long Starter Kit is $997. Each product must be purchased individually from the respective manufacturers. If you already have any of these products, there’s no need to buy them again. Your P-Long provider will provide instructions on how to use each product effectively within the P-Long protocol for enhancing both length and girth.

AFFIRM Nitric Oxide (5 Bottles)

These supplements boost nitric oxide levels to enhance blood flow and improve firmness and stamina.

RestoreX® Penile Traction Device

This device stretches and lengthens the penis by applying consistent traction.

Dr. Joel Kaplan Vacuum Pump

This pump uses vacuum pressure to increase blood flow, helping you achieve and maintain erections.


Talk to Your Medical Provider

Schedule a consultation with a certified P-Long medical provider to discuss the P-Long Protocol. Follow their recommendations and get the PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) shots at their practice for optimal results.

Don’t have a medical provider yet?


Enjoy the Results

With consistent use of the P-Long products and guidance from a certified P-Long medical provider, you will experience significant improvements in the length, girth, and overall health of your manhood.

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