Manhood Enhancement and Testosterone

The safest way to make "it" bigger

Penis enhancement is a topic that has been gaining more attention in recent years. As a result, many men may be curious about what it entails and whether it is about size or performance. In this post, we will explore why someone might want to enhance their penis and the potential risks and statistics for positive results.

First, let’s define what we mean by penis enhancement. Essentially, it refers to any procedure or treatment that aims to improve the size, shape, or function of the penis. This can include surgical procedures, such as penis enlargement surgery or penile implants, and non-surgical options, such as P-Long.

So why would someone want to enhance their penis? For some men, the motivation may be to increase their penis size to feel more confident in their physical appearance. For others, the focus may be on improving sexual performance, such as increasing their ability to maintain an erection or enhancing their orgasm.

It’s important to note that there are potential risks associated with penis enhancement. Surgery, for example, can result in complications such as infection, scarring, and loss of sensation.

That being said, there are some positive statistics regarding manhood enhancement. For example, a study conducted by Dr. Judson Brandeis, a sexual medicine expert and educator, showed that the P-Long protocol resulted in a significant increase in penis size and improved sexual function.

P-Long is the first and only clinically proven protocol to naturally increase the length and girth of a man’s “package.” To learn more about how the protocol works, watch the video above or CLICK HERE.

Dr. Brandeis, a graduate of Brown University and Vanderbilt University School of Medicine with Urologic Surgery residency at UCLA and a post-doc fellowship at Harvard, today he specializes in the emerging field of sexual health and medicine. His commitment to clinical research, compassionate patient care, and education of other physicians is a key factor in his mission to help men everywhere feel great, look good, and have better physical intimacy.


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