Limited-time special offer for medical providers!

P-Long® Foundational Promotion

What’s included:

  • Waived Setup Cost 
  • One-Time Medical Training $299.00 ($1,800.00 Value)
  • Monthly Licensing Fee of $59.00 ($199.00 Value)
  • Automated P-Long Marketing System ($997.00 Value)

*Limited to the first 100 providers*

As a foundational provider, you’ll have access to the following benefits, which are designed to help you generate additional revenue and maximize patient results:

  • Medical Training: Advanced PRP Injection, Traction & Suction Devices
  • A Customized & Automated Marketing System Pre-Programmed With P-Long Campaigns.
  • A Dedicated Listing On
  • The Ability To Safely Change The Lives Of Your Male Patients Forever

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