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Access the shopping cart to purchase P-Long patient equipment on behalf of patients that move forward with treatment.

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A Message From Dr. Brandeis

Dear P-Long Provider,

I am excited to offer you the opportunity to join our team and provide a safe and effective solution for men seeking penile enhancement. By charging $5000 for a package of six Ultrasound-guided, double-spin (60cc) injections of PRP, with a $500 credit for customers who purchase equipment on the website, we can ensure that both you and I benefit from this service. Our focus is to build awareness and provide interested men with a place to seek treatment while also ensuring you get a great return on your investment.

To make the process as smooth as possible, we have structured our training and membership fees to cover building the website, training videos, and marketing efforts. This way, you don’t have to worry about paying for inventory or additional expenses, and we can continue to generate interest and new patients.

We understand that exclusivity and pricing may be concerns for some providers, but we will make every effort to avoid having two providers within a single zip code. Additionally, our suggested price is a national recommendation, but we respect your financial agreement with your clients, and you are free to charge what you consider fair.

As a foundational member, your fees will remain the same, and at the end of 2024, if I do not generate a single referral for you, please let me know, and I will refund your $299 training fee. But if you book a single P-Long patient, it should cover five years of membership.

I look forward to working with you and providing men with a safe and effective solution for male enhancement.

Discover Strategies to Generate Over $15,000 Monthly with P-Long

To ensure your success with P-Long, it is crucial that your staff is educated on how our program works, patient benefits, and safety measures. Therefore, we highly encourage you to share this Staff Training Webinar with your team.

Maximize your revenue as a P-Long Provider by streaming this webinar. Discover effective ways to follow up with leads, leverage marketing materials, and attract more patients with nationwide and local marketing efforts. Don’t miss out on earning more with P-Long!

Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing, Products & Purchasing

In most cases, the patient will purchase the pump, traction device and supplements from the website.  We will also host educational videos so that the patients will come in with full knowledge of how to pump and stretch and take the AFFIRM.  The patients will pay you $4500 ($5000 minus a $500 discount for booking through for six injections of PRP over a period of six months. In the event that a patient does not have their P-Long equipment in advance, we recommend that you purchase it on their behalf and include it in their pricing. 

You can purchase your P-Long patient’ equipment by clicking on the Shopping Cart icon above. Although our goal is to guide patients to come to your practice prepared with their equipment, this may not always be the case. In cases when patients wish to move forward with treatment prior to purchasing their supplies, we recommend that you access the P-Long shopping cart to order the equipment on their behalf. The equipment pricing should be bundled in with treatment cost. 

We would prefer that you charge $5000 minus the $500 credit for purchasing the supplies on-line.  That being said, you can charge what you would like, but please do not advertise a discounted price.  Once a man has paid the initial six month fee, he will likely continue to return for additional PRP injections and so will be likely be a continued source of income for your medical practice.  

That is up to you. What we typically do is charge $2500 upfront and then $500 additional each time the patient comes in.  

Medical Questions & Training

No. If you are a urologist or have been previously trained on how to inject PRP into the shaft of the penis, all that is required is an online training course.  If you have never been trained to perform an injection of the penis, we are working on an in-person training course at a later date.

Probably.  All of the products were chosen for specific reasons.  PureSpin with 60 cc of blood gives the highest concentration of platelets of any centrifuge system.  If you already own a double spin system, then using 60 cc with your double spin system is probably adequate.  The RestoreX traction device has been shown to be superior to other traction devices in comparison studies.  The Dr Joel Kaplan pump has an accurate pressure gauge and multiple sized cylinders that grow with the user.  AFFIRM is the only Nitric Oxide boosting supplement with optimal concentrations of Citrulline and Nitrates.  

Probably not.  The growth factors from 1.5 billion platelets injection into the penis once a month for six months will accelerate the changes seen with the traction and suction devices.  My best guess is that it doubles or triples the effectiveness of the protocol.  Besides, if the PRP injection is done properly, it should be minimally uncomfortable.

We do not know. The Protocol was designed for healthy men with normal erectile function. Men with ED usually do not generate the penile blood pressure to maximally stretch the penis.

We did not test the protocol on men with PD.  However, based on previous studies with the equipment that we use, it is possible that there will be some benefit.

For length, after six months men grew as much as 1.5 inches and as little as 0.5 inches in length and as much as 0.75 inches and as little as 0.25 inches in girth. 

Probably.  After you have braces, your teeth do not go back to the way they were.  I believe that as long as a man is having rigid night time erections, that his erectile length and girth will maintain.  It may be a good idea for men to continue to take AFFIRM after completing the P-Long protocol. Studies show that boosting Nitric Oxide naturally improves erectile health and that there are other significant health benefits including improved athletic performance, cognition, blood pressure and immune system function.  And there are no known negative side effects.

None at this time. Traction and suction, if performed according to the instructions provided, are safe.  PRP is a reinjection of your own platelets that have been processed outside of your body for about 15 minutes.  There are no reported significant side effects.

Absolutely! There was a linear growth curve in our P-Long study. My expectation (although I currently do not have the data) is that men will continue to grow a long as they continue to get PRP injections, pump, stretch and take AFFIRM.

Since all men in the study by definition had normal erectile function, we could not objectively test for an improvement.  Instead we asked our subjects whether their erections were the same, better, much better, worse or much worse.  Without exception, our subjects claimed that their erections were better.

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Marketing & Technology

You’ll receive an email notification when a prospect in your area submits a lead request. The email will contain their contact information so you can reach out to them directly. 

Simply click on the Curated Content tile above to access P-Long approved resources. 

We’ve partnered with GetMPX to provide all P-Long providers with an automated and complimentary marketing system that allows you to: 

  • Launch comprehensive email and SMS marketing campaigns to your patients database.
  • Funnel all P-Long directory lead submissions into a dedicated lead nurturing funnel created to guide them toward scheduling treatment and consultations. 
  • Access your P-Long micro-site so you can effortlessly add P-Long to your website. 

You can edit and update your directory listing at anytime by clicking on the Directory Listing tile at the top of this page. 

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