Thrive State Podcast: Naturally and Safely Optimize your Manhood with P-Long Protocol

More Length, Girth & Function?

This episode of the Thrive State Podcast, hosted by Kien Vuu MD, focuses on how to Naturally and Safely Optimize Your Manhood with expert guest Dr. Judson Brandeis.

Dr. Brandeis reveals the most effective, natural pathways for optimizing your manhood so that you can look and feel your absolute best—the safe and sustainable way! 

Dr. Brandeis begins by introducing himself and his mission with the P-Long Study and the P-Long Protocol: to help men overcome their performance issues without resorting to dangerous optimization methods.

He then shares his insight on why men should focus on natural solutions for better sexual health instead of taking shortcuts with synthetic chemicals or surgery. Next, he speaks about the importance of hormone balance, nutrition, lifestyle practices, stress reduction, and more in pursuit of optimal physical performance. 

Dr. Brandeis also dives into some common myths and misconceptions regarding male health optimization—namely, those stemming from unrealistic expectations surrounding masculinity—and explains how they can damage both physical and mental well-being. 

Finally, Dr. Brandeis provides actionable advice for listeners who want to get started on their own path toward improved sexual wellness:

  • Creating mindful habits around diet and exercise.
  • Focusing on stress management through activities such as meditation.
  • Getting regular checkups with a healthcare provider.
  • Understanding what medications or supplements might be beneficial.
  • Seeking out alternative therapies such as acupuncture or massage therapy if needed.

He wraps up the episode by offering a few parting words of encouragement to any male listeners who are discouraged or overwhelmed by this journey towards better sexual health: “Remember that you are enough just as you are!”

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